Hate Angel is a 4 piece band currently based in Ski, Norway.The band started out as a solo project in April 2017 and became a power-trio by November 2017 in Sandvika and quickly began their work making Blackened Thrash Metal.On May 4th 2018 they played their first open mic night and has since rocked every venue willing to let them through their doors.By February 2019 they had relocated to Oslo and entered Strand Studios to record their first EP.In March, the group advanced through the first round of three battle of the band-competitions putting them in the running for shows at Wacken Open Air, Bloodstock and Oslos premier metal venue: Rockefeller.On April 5th the guys have released the result of their efforts at Strand Studios, the EP entitled Chosen Ones after the final track. On march 13th 2020, the guys decided to part ways with Fredrik and became a four piece band with Håkon on bass and Marius on vocals and relocated to Ski.

 Hate Angel is

Hans Erik Sundby - Guitar

Leonid Melnikov - Drums

Marius Finstad - Vocals

Håkon Løberg - Bass

- over 5K followers on facebook -

- over 6K streams on spotify -

- M2TM Norway Finalist 2019 -

- Wacken Metal Battle Norway Finalist 2019 -

- Chosen Ones EP - 9/10 Roadie Metal -

Hate Angel has played on:

- John Dee -

- Rock In -

- Good Omens -

- Stovner Rockefabrikk -

- Sub Scene -

- Volt Aktivitetshus -

- Norbikers -

- Radar Ungdomscafe -

- Vaterland -

- Down Under -

- Hausmania -

​Since the release of their debut EP, Hate Angel songs has been played on multiple underground Metal & Hard Rock radiostations:

- Nightwaves Radio -

- Radio 13 -

- Tattoo Metal Radio -

- WMS Metal Radio -

- Radio Revolt -